How do I Reiki Charge a Relaxing DVD/CD?

United States
March 17, 2007 9:14am CST
How do I reiki charge a relaxing dvd, so when I watch it, the dvd is channeling reiki to me while I watch it? Also, how do I reiki charge a relaxing cd, so when I listen to it, it's channeling reiki to me?
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@addysmum (1225)
• Canada
3 Jan 08
My response is super late I know but just in case you haven't found your information I will share my little bit of knowledge. I am starting the study of reiki and from what I have learned you can't just decide to use reiki you have to be attuned and trained either by hands on training or distance training. You have to be taught how to attune others and objects and only a teacher can give you this knowledge.