Cheated by credit card companies? You’re not alone

March 17, 2007 11:04am CST
Been sucked in to the lure of a “rewards” credit card only to get burned in the end by high interest rates and a less than stellar return when it came time to cash in those points? You’re not alone.
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• Singapore
17 Mar 07
Yup. If we don't pay on time, we get a whole series of late charges such as administrative charges and interest charges. When queried about the high charges and how the figures were derived from the staff will sometimes draw a blank. Moreover, when we try to claim certain 'gifts' from the catalogue, they'd claim that it's no longer valid or out of stock. Points get deducted yet the voucher takes forever to arrive, if it arrives in the first place.
@creationhub (3070)
• Malaysia
17 Mar 07
I fully agree with you about your views on the perils of credit cards or rather their luring of the unsuspecting. For many years, I was a victim of these schemes. However, this year onwards, I decided to switch to using debit card and cash more than credit card. We actually can control the situation. Self discipline is vital if we desire not to fall prey to these credit card schemes that would only leave us with more debts than rewards.