epilepsy and the ketogenic diet

March 17, 2007 12:27pm CST
has anyone here ever tried or had their epileptic child try the ketogenic diet?my daughter is 14 and just started the diet in the new year.it seems to be doing a great job in that she does have less seisures.she also says she feels clearerand can understand more when she reads a book.up till this diet we tried sooo many drugs it wasnt funny.tegretol,neurotin,phenobarbitol,epival keppra,topamax,ativan,clonazepam,not to mention the drugs to lessen the side effects of the anti-seisure meds like risperidal.i gotta say she is much happier on the diet but shes lost tons of weight we r trying to up her calories to maintain the diet starting weight(there apparently needs to be a maintained baseline weight for the first year)she still is having seisures but they have gone from a couple every day to a couple a week.she was having trouble staying out of status epileptus and do to her allergies had to take 400mg of phenobarbitol(thankfully not by iv)and her seisures are much,much shorter as well as the post seisure effects are greatly reduced.i actually have a talking back attitude giving 14 yr old again!! or should i say for the first time she looks alive!
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