Inzimaam as a Captain of Pakistani team

March 17, 2007 5:15pm CST
Inzimaam is a good batsman and helped out pakistan on many occasions when it was obvious that pakistan will loose the match but Inzimaam made it possible 4 pakistan to win the match, but now i think its not his domain to even stay in the team wat to talk of being a captain caz he cant field the way it is required now a days, he can't run in a befitting manner when batting n many a times either get himself runout or let his partner to go to pavilian just because of his poor running
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• Pakistan
12 May 07
No doubt about Inzimam's skills as a player. He is one of the most successful batsmen country has produced over a decade. He has single handedly won Pakistan so many matches. He is a world class batsman. He is easily the one of the top 10 players in the game. But as a captain he is a not a player at all. He is not worth captaining Pakistan. He does not have game's knowledge. We have noticed it so many times, He can not take bold decisions when needed, He can not handle many situations in the game. He does not have good communication skills which often bring embarrasment to country. He was never worth captaining the side. It was too much of ask for him to captain the side.
@rafay_ (92)
• Pakistan
31 Mar 07
Inzi will be remember for a long time for what he as done for Pakistan and the world of Cricket. check my blog out...I have written an article about him..!!
• Pakistan
18 Mar 07
Its true that inzemam used to b a good batsman but due to responsibilities of captain he is not able to perform in any of the matches since last few years. now he cant leave the captaincy n play as a simple player so he should quit cricket now and pray to God for the team under some able captain