LOVE :: EMotions & etC..

United States
March 17, 2007 10:04pm CST
Hey i did love one of my classmate, she is not that great looking but she was nice, average, little bit weight too she wat, so i loved her so much in last semester, that time she too loved me so much, We both are like so much on the phone, chat & all that crap usually when v r in LOVE...But in the end when her EXBoyFriend came to the City she started playing wth both of Us..Ones i found that she is making both of fool...From that moment onwards really ..i think to kill myself, Did u dare to Dream that ur LOVEST, Sweetest Girl friend goes to her Boy Friend ..when the relationship started like 5-6months ..& All of sudden u c this thing happening around ..neither i can tell her on face not to TAlk to me nor ..i can t avoid..her ...I dont know i will come out of ..God May help me..this was My First Love & i was so mad abt this, thought to marry her ..inspite of not her that gud looks, What else i didnt do for her..walked 1 mile in Snow..all that SHITTTTTTT now ...waiting get Over ..Hopefully i wll comeOver SOoon...MotherGod help me.. I suggest u all "Dont fall Love that easily ..Take ur time as much as possible.." No probs expressing it ..but ones u express ..u wll go to HelL..." take care ..
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