Footboll for females

foot ball - for females
March 18, 2007 1:08am CST
Is footboll impossible for the female brain to understnd. Because i franklyhave never been able to understand the rules
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@lauzpauz (115)
22 Mar 07
Hi, I am a female and play football, and understand the rules inside out, maybe to understand the rules you should trying the beautiful game a bit...and thankyou to whoever said females should not be underestimated :)
• Philippines
19 Mar 07
Maybe you're just not into the sport which explains why you have a hard time understanding the rules. I suggest you stop trying understanding anything about football coz if your not a fan, it would never sink in your brain. From where I come from, a lot of females play soccer, I really wished I could but sadly my built is not fit for the sport, but I really do love the game. Females from my place are competent football players in fact in every football fest that we have, there's always a category for females. I reiterate if you don't like the sport then don't try so hard to understand it coz you'll never get it anyway.
@mschiqui (1284)
• Philippines
19 Mar 07
of course not..what men can do, women can..Girl power is what do you called it.. I mean if there are men trying to be first to reached mount everest so as women....
@scapula (760)
• Jordan
18 Mar 07
Do you think that men are smarter then women .. football is an easy game with its rules. I knew some girls that watch football games seriously and get fun with that. Football is great game I like it too. and I like it more when playing computer football games.
• Italy
18 Mar 07
no it's not... females can play football, but it's really funny watching them play!!! lol
• India
18 Mar 07
ha,,,wat????didnt u understand the ruules of foot ball?????what there in them,,,they are just normal rules.. and plz for god sake dont under estimate females...if u cant understand thats u r problem.....