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United States
March 18, 2007 2:45am CST
Hey Guys... What are some other sites that you guys use to make money over the internet? I use Cashcrate.com (http://www.cashcrate.com/index.php?ref=177474) and its great. I made $35.15 in just a couple days, and i didn't really spend much time. Its super fast and best of all; its easy! They have a great referral program, You earn an EXTRA 25% of what people you refer earn (and it doesn't take away from theirs!) and 10% of their referrals! Please click on that link and use me as the referrer, I get extra money and it doesn't hurt you at all. Cashcrate also pays you with a check, so you can actually see the money, unlike paypal. They also have incredible customer service. I've emailed them a few times and i always get my question answered quickly. I'm also looking for other sites, I want to get a Nintendo DS + a couple games, so i want to make as much as possible. What other sites do you use? If you post a referral link i can refer you guys too, please do the same for me! Thanks a ton!
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@skyblue (1299)
• India
22 Apr 08
Hi Hipponater.... This is really a great site.I have also a site.This site will pay you 0.06 per search. This is a search and earn programme. Its not a small company .Its a ask.com. http://www.mysearchfunds.co.uk/apply001.asp?Friend=36469
• United States
1 Jul 08
Isn't that friends home page? I currently use that and it doesn't seem to pay that much for me...
• Malaysia
8 Jul 08
Check out my site in my profile. There are a few websites that you can earn extra cash with. And they're all free.
• Singapore
2 Jul 07
If you are looking for sites to earn money online, check out my blog to see the ones that I would recommend. Those all are free to join. Hence you may like to try a few of them to see for yourselve. The link is in my profile. Do take a look.
@jeremy90 (31)
• Singapore
26 Nov 07
in a couple of days?? i only earned $.20 so far.. how did you do it??!
• Estonia
11 Dec 07
Honestly, I had an account on cashcrate, but I did not like the site, so I quit. I know some sites which are simplier but more reliable. check them out on my blog (the link is in my profile)
• United States
1 Jul 08
www.AWsurveys.com/HomeMain.cfm?redID=qwedloki100. It's AW surveys, I made $27 in a day, but you need to wait until $75 to cash out. You just write a few lines about what you think about certain websites and you get around 4 dollar each. There's only a limit amount though, and they update really slowly. I think it'll take you around 3 months to get $75 (without referals), but it's complete not-scam, and i personally know someone who got paid.
@tellus (1441)
• Finland
10 May 07
here are also some money making ideas for you: http://moneymakingopportunity.tripod.com/