console war

March 18, 2007 6:50am CST
soo, the much asked queestion. who will win the console war?!?! iiii personally vote for sony playstation 3. although my vote IS predominatly determined by my sony loyalty and the fact that i feel im a part of the playstation legacy (cause i had a ps1 and ps2 :P), there IS suffiecent concrete proof behind it. first of all the ps3 is clearly the strongest of the systems. so its really upto the developers to make use of it. then theres 'home' the funky cool new awesome feature. then the ps3 connects you to sooo much online contnt its not even funny! you can do so much on it and its like a pc. and when you buy the ps3, you get virtually every accessory for it, so no extra cost. the only backdrop IS the price. its kinda too high for gamer slike me :P. i cant afford it, so i have to wait till the price goes down. and theres a lot of competition with the $170 wii. so thats my view. tell me yours and give me reasons for it too. cause i want to buy the BEST console, casue itll probably be the last i buy :P (no money)!
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