Until what point parents-in-law can influenciate a relationship?

March 18, 2007 11:28am CST
Have you ever passed trought a situation that you mother-in-law, or father-in-law are VERY jealous with her/his daughter/son?How did you handle with that? How did they apears every time influenciating your time, controlling the places you go, things you do, time you arrive? And how did you felt about that? Did you talk to them to see if the problem get low? Did they talk to you? What alternative or resolution did you get for this problem? I see that some parents are super-protetors of their children, but some are SO exagerated that they finish blocking their our children to live their lives. Is wanting to protect their chlidren that some parents, without knowing, forbid their children to live. Then, some day, when parents die, or won't be with them for some reason, their children won't be able to get on with their lives alone. Are you a father, or mother? Are you a son, or daughter who have parents this way? Are you a son-in-law, or daughter-in-law that have to pass trought this situations that you feel scorned, disdained. When your parents-in-law don't trust you, when they don't even really want to know you better? What do you think about that?
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@maferick (1582)
• Brazil
29 Mar 07
it depends of the age,i dont children,but if my son/daugther is 15 years or less and have a boyfriend/girlfriend that is not a good company,i will have a good talk with him/her..i dont think that moms and dads should block then to date..it would make then do it withouth they know,would be worse..i think that you have to always have a good talk and try to have a good relation,with truth with your son,they will listen you better then if you always tell then what they have to do or not..they have to learn,all we can do is show then their choices..they have to make then,and learn alone,never forgetting to be at their side,and help then when they make the worng choice..