please correct me if i'm wrong

@lynn3024 (198)
March 18, 2007 5:34pm CST
I have alot of trouble keeping my husband at home. I work 5 days a week and on the weekend i like to have time together but he's always gotta go somewhere. He goes down the road to visit his friend and tells me he'll be back in 1/2 an hour so after that long and he still isn't home i call him on his cell phone to see where he is and he tells me "i'm leaving right now" but he doesn't come home so i call him again and he tells me " I'm leaving right now " but he still doesn''t come home. After 3 hours he finally comes home and then gets pissed off when i'm mad at him. I know he just uses the excuse to visit someone just to get out of the house because just like me he hates sitting in the house. but he expects me to sit in the house while he's gone. then when I get mad he says I don't let him do anything. who is right here? should he be able to go anywhere he wants while I sit at home. I don't have my drivers liscense and I live to far out of town for anyone to come pick me up. I tried talking to him but it's no use because he believes he is not doing anything wrong. am i right or am i wrong
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@classy56 (2882)
• United States
18 Mar 07
i can relate to this,my husband use to do the same thing to me when we frist got belive me did i ever get pissed off at him.just like you i would call him every 30 he would say the same thing as your husband.the only diffrent is i can drive an i wasnt stuck at home.but your husband is in the you have every right to be pissed off at him. i ended up moveing to get him away from all his friends that he had on our street.we moved to were he didnt know that was the best thing we ever did.that was 10 years ago.since you are stuck at home an cant drive..tell him you are going with him to his friends house.this may stop him from doing this as often.but i dought are so hard headed.
@lynn3024 (198)
• Canada
18 Mar 07
Moving would'nt help my husband makes friends with everybody. He'd make friends with a grizzly bear if he had the chance