No. 1 corrupt country in Asia, Philippines?

Phil. - My country
@ondo1015 (1884)
March 18, 2007 9:13pm CST
Last year we are 2nd, now we are no. 1, my goodness. Is it because election is near and every illegal matters of Admin. are revealed by the Opposition candidates? Or it is really true that Philippines is corrupt. My fellow countrymen, Please comment on this, or defend our reputation. For me, there are many forms of corruption occured here in the Philippines.: 1. Red Tape, especially in Driver's License. You cannot see any student permit shown or you have tojumped to professional in order to have quick license. 2. Job opportunity to the person who helped the Incumbent Official who won last election. Or words of honor. 3. Political Dynasty 4. Traditional politician, family to family or relatives inheritance. 5. Bidding in Public works. 6. Contractual Practices in company. No regularization habits of employee. Poor contractual employee helping the company without hope to be absorb in the office. That is form of corruption. Gov't . tolerate this in order to have support from company owner for the next election. 7. President backing an official without searching the background of the candidates. and many more.
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@ravibabli (1558)
• India
19 Mar 07
I think India is very currup currect.
@ondo1015 (1884)
• Philippines
20 Mar 07
Phil. is no. 1 in southeast asia, sorry not including India, Japan, China.
@mdarma (868)
• Singapore
19 Mar 07
Due to corruptions the progress of an individual, company or country will be effected badly. Growht can come to a stand still. Let us pray it will be better next year round.