4 Vs. 18 Wheelers!

March 18, 2007 9:43pm CST
Okay, my husband is a truck driver, and as you might guess, he goes through his share of frustrations on the road. It seems, even though you learn in driver training, and every day life that if you meet a truck or anything for that matter that's bigger than you on a naro road that you pull over to let them pass, because after all, they can pull you out if you go into the ditch... But could you pull them out? No, especially if they were full... I see that a lot of people don't realize that almost every nessessity in our lives, all goods and extras are normally transported where needed by the big trucks, so while people are out there having a problem with truck drivers, they don't realize that without them, you would have to drive thousands of miles, with a whole lot of money to get everything you need, just to survive. Do you pull over for a truck to pass? or do you try and fight your way through just to make a couple of extra seconds in getting where your going? Do you have respect for truck drivers? Why or why not? Any words you have i'll be willing to listen to. Thanks in advance.
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@zena2121 (30)
• United States
20 Mar 07
My husband has been driving truck for about 20 years. He started out as a company driver and now we have our own authority. Until he started to drive I never thought too much about the big truck. I, like you, think that some people just don't stop and think how the goods they buy get to the store. Yes, I do pull over to let a truck pass. I know there is about 45,000 pounds behind him that he's trying to get up a hill. Truck drivers for the most part are good people. I spent a whole year out over the road with my husband. During that time I met alot of nice folks. Yes, there are some drivers out there that are rude but no more than any other work force. I have had close calls with four wheelers and some road rage that left my knees knocking. Finally, Yes I respect the truck driver. It's a hard life and most of it is spent out over the road away from their families.
• Canada
20 Mar 07
thanks for the response hun! It is a hard life, and your right, there's just as many jerks out there in every company and job, it's not just them at all. For about 10 months i went with my husband, and man by the end of the day, i had 0 Energy, ZIP! and at the end of any other day, i'm pumped, it's a hard job, even for those riding with them, and people just seem to think 'oh it's so easy to sit behind the wheel and go' well it's not... Thanks!