Awkward Situation

@breepeace (3024)
March 18, 2007 10:34pm CST
So last night my boyfriend and I went out to a St Patrick's Day party thrown by his friend's girlfriend at her farm. We were having a good time, talking and laughing and I went out to the kitchen where most of the group was congregated to grab my purse and cell phone. I was flipping through my phone, glancing around the room debating whether or not I should just introduce myself when I caught sight of a girl standing with my boyfriend's best friend, Marc. I couldn't figure out where I knew her from, and kept glancing over my shoulder at her, when it finally clicked in. It was my boyfriend's ex! She doesn't live here, but she comes in for work frequently. She's friends with all the people at the party as they all work in the same industry. I've never actually met her, but had seen enough pictures to know exactly what she looks like. It was already awkward enough for me being a party where all the people that are there are friends, and I really only know them through my boyfriend and would be more inclined to call them acquaintances and not necessarily friends, but to have her show up at the party unexpectedly was a lot. I think I handled the situation gracefully. I got very outgoing, talked to everyone and kept a big smile on my face at all times, but it was very difficult. I spent the entire night wondering why they would have invited her and then not given us a head's up that she might show up. Today when we left we started talking and he told me he'd screwed up, that he was given a head's up earlier this week but didn't say anything because he figured I'd back out. I was so mad at him, mostly about the fact that he didn't say anything, but even more that he had lied about whether or not he knew last night. Ok.. I feel better now that I've ranted.
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@biwasaki (1745)
• United States
19 Mar 07
Wow, what an akward situation to be in; but it sounds like you handled yourself well and embodied the expression "grace under pressure". I think your boyfriend should have told you if he knew that she was going to be there, at least you would have been mentally prepared if you had known ahead of time.