drugs..on streets...

March 19, 2007 1:32am CST
i tell you i,m so worried about the drugs on streets these days it frightens me..i,m an ex user of which i used to be on drugs 4 2oyrs i,m 40now well 41 i hate saying that..aghhh...well i,m pleased to inform u that i,ve been clean for 4yrs now...and i,ve never ever felt better then wot i do now i wish i cld,ve done it yrs ago but i did,nt and the things i,ve missed out on too..no college no nothing..its hard to get a job..as now days u need a cert..dont u..voluntry wrk is wot i am gonna do..with d/violence wmn men children or help those who have or is tking drugs and to do it safley..and wot i,m saying is the stuff on streets today can kill ayng boy girl...its horrifying..if u need to chat to me about anything relateing to this msg..then feel free to.ok..loljdxx.
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