The murderer

March 19, 2007 3:02am CST
Ravi walked in with a swagger, took out a knife, and banged it on the table in the counselling room. The counsellor was very scared, but managed to control himself. As calmly as possible he asked the man to sit down and talk. Initially the man was a little taken aback at the composure of the counsellor. He was gruff when he started speaking. I have killed two people so far he said, looking into the eyes of the counsellor. He went on to tell horrifying stories of violence and murder. The counsellor still seemed unmoved. Without warning the man suddenly broke down and strated crying. He confessed taht he has never hurt anyone in his life, and he just wanted to shock for no one ever paid any attention to him. He poured out his life story of neglect, poverty, failures and desperation. He profusely thanked the counsellor for being so understanding. sheepishly tacked the knife back into his pocket, and walked off into the dark.
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