Why she couldn't satisfy me?

March 19, 2007 3:38am CST
My mother has been never satisfy me whatever I done.I don't know why.For example,I want to have fun with my friends outsides in the afternoon and want to do my homework in the evening of sunday,but she always say I must do my homework in the afternoon and mustn't go out in the evenin.Sometimes I want to do something I want, she usually said mustn't.She wants me do something and I had done.why she couldn't satisfy me?
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19 Mar 07
I think your mother is concerned that you may get tired from playing outside and then you won;t be able to do your homework.Try to make a schedule for your work,finish it first.Then you can have fun.Mothers are never satisfied because they want children to do their best.Your mother wants you to achieve good things in life which is why she sets a certain schedule for you which you don't like.But you can always put up alternative plans.Tell your mom that you will finish your work and then make sure that you finish your work in time.Maybe you don;t do that and your mom is concerned that too much fun diverts your mind.She is right in a way,when you finish your work forst,you can have fun without any worry.This way you will also develop responsibility towards your work.