Facing extra kindness is more difficult than facing rudeness. Do you agree?

March 19, 2007 3:51am CST
Real life incident: Four days back I went to a shop which repairs beds and cots. I talked to the repairer about the charges and arranged to take the cot to him the next day morning for the repair. Three days back, I took the cot to him in a cycle rickshaw. To my utter dismay I found the shop locked. There is a small grocery shop in the neighborhood open and I inquired from the owner-keeper whether he knew anything about the closed shop. He said that he did not know. The repairer lives in another village. He has no phone. There is no other repairer in the town for that type of cots. I had no alternative except to take back the cot by rickshaw again spending money. The shop keeper said: "Pl. do not worry. Unload the cot in the shop warrandah. I shall look after its safety. When the repairer comes and opens it, I shall hand it over to him." . Relieved very much, I went home. In the evening I went to the repairer's shop again. It was still closed. There was no likelihood of his coming on that date. It was getting dark. Again the neighboring shopkeeper came to my rescue. "Don't worry! When I shut down my shop at 10.00 P.M., I shall keep the cot inside my shop and bring it out next day.". I felt happy and went back home. The second day too, the repairer did not come. The shopkeeper kept the cot outside in the morning and carried it inside his shop in the night. The third day, the history repeated. I was very much exasperated. The fourth day, the repairer turned up, opened his shop. When I met him, he promised to carry out the job in 2 or 3 days. I did not have words to express my gratitude to the grocery shop owner-keeper. I offered him Rs. 20/- as gift, as I would have anyway incurred that expense for carrying back the cot and bringing it again. But, he did not accept it, in spite of several requests. He simply said: "We are all human beings. Won't we help one another?". Then, I had no alternative to take back my money. I pondered over ways of benefitting him somehow. I bought grocery items worth Rs. 200/- and hoped that he might have made a profit of Rs. 20/- at 10%. I am not sure. Conclusion: Had the grocery owner-keeper been rude on the first day itself, I would have taken back the cot on a rickshaw and brought it again after ascertaining that the repairer's shop is open. Do you have similar experiences?
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