If Looks Could ...penetrate a woman's clothing

March 19, 2007 3:59am CST
I was flipping through the pages of a techie magazine one time and i came across an article positing what's plausible and what's not in the realm of sci-fi. One thing that struck me crazy was the idea that x-ray vision or something to the same effect can one day be possible. Not only that, it also said and discussed that there was also a possibility for this voyeur's contraption to be mass produced, like cellular phones, although it will not come cheap. I can just imagine what impact this can do to society, and every day life. of hot-blooded men, such as myself. And once again the quintessential debate between " Which would you prefer, having x-ray vision or being invisible" would again top the charts in congested bars, highschool classrooms, and sari-sari stores.
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@ESKARENA1 (18297)
19 Mar 07
sounds like a fantasy for school boys to me. I mean, in reality what would be the point of clothes? Would some fundementalist muslim women never be allowed to leave their how again? The difficulty with this type of technology is that once it enters the public domain, it is available to everyone with the money and that rather defetes the voyeristic object blessed be