India's chances of world cup s-h-a-t-t-e-r-e-d.

@bhikus (14)
March 19, 2007 4:40am CST
India loosing to Bangla Desh is really shocking.They carried away with the two recent wins in practice matches. In my mine even if they win world cup still they are loosers because world champions are never expected to loose to minos like Bangla Desh.More so they doesn't seem to be a real contenders for world cup.Their body language speaks itself that they are there to win the cup by flook.Because they know their capabilities.And above all their coach is there to make them loose the cup.He is a real stupid fellow,since then he joined Indian team he is busy experimenting.He has played with each and every players carrier.He reuined not only Ganguly he reuined Sachin,Sehwag Irfan,Uttaphha,Gautam Gambhir.To some extent Rahul Dravid is also to blame as he beleived in one player i.e.sehwag.He should have not been taken to west indies as he was going through a lean pacth and he needed rest to come out of it.Even if he(Sehwag) was selected for world cup team he should have not been allowed to open the innings as his confidence level was so low that it made other players on back foot. Even after loosing to bangla desh if India makes it to super eight they are no way claimants of w.c. Consider their strenth stepwise. first of all their fielding -Indian are not a good fielding side after Mohd.kaif and Raina's exclusion from team Yuvraj is the only players who is good fielder.except Yuvraj no other player in the team is capable of delivering the goods. Secondly in the field of bowling Indian bowlers stand 70% capable of other good teams. Lastly Batting of Indian team is strenth of the team.But at the moment Batsmans are not clicking.They are playing with fear of failure.They are not playing to their potentials.their confidence level is low.And their coach is a real stupid fellow,Who remain busy with his stupid ideas.None of his idea has worked till now.He is real duffer. Role of Selectors are also not good as they have not selected the young blood in the team.Our selectors are good enough to demorlised young blood.Wasim jaffer and gautam gambhir was in good nick and they were delivering the goods in domestic cricket,they should have been preferred to out of form virender sehwag.Piyus chawla was selected in the team but he was allowed to play one game.After that he was not selected in the team he could really be another Panesar or vettorei of India.Take the case of Wasim Akram of Pakistan.He never played first class cricket in Pakistan.His capablities was recognised by then captain of pakistan Imran Khan who brought him from in the team and selectors supported the captain's view and he was selected in the Pakistan team directly from gali cricket to international cricket.He was introduced to international cricket with high moral everybody knows what he did for pakistan. At this jucture we can only wish Indian side a good luck.
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19 Mar 07
I don't think you should become so emotional about India winning.Why can;t you accept India with its plaing spirit?Afterall,all teams cannot win.The best one wins always.maybe bangladesh played their strategy well.Why can;t you appreciate that instead?You should have a real sporting spirit-appreciate the game,not the players.And the onlookers will always have ideas bout how India could have won.but it is not they who were playing,it was the Indian team playing.They have been in the field and they know the complexities better than you.Please appreciate the good qialities of each team instead of becoming sad that India is not going to win.besides,there is still a chance so who knows..