Nothing i do is good enough for my mother

@smithy86 (137)
March 19, 2007 5:05am CST
I am 20 years old, i have my own flat and a partner but my mum still interferes in my life something chronic. No matter what i do i get shouted at by either her or her fiance. Whenever i have an argument with her i have her fiance telling me off and standing up for her even if he doesnt know what we are arguing over. It makes me feel like such a failure but she is the only family i have left and i have tried shutting her out before but it doesnt work and i really do love her and i hope she still loves me. what do i do
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• United States
23 Mar 07
Honey, she loves you, or she would not interfere. However, maybe mom has a hard time letting go of her little girl. As far as her fiance, I don't know why he gets inbetween, unless he is protective of your mom. Try to invite her out one time alone, and talk to her about it. Girls and moms sometimes fight, even though they love eachother. Good luck sweetie.
• Andorra
19 Mar 07
I have been living in the shadow of my younger brother for over 20 years now and i have shut my mum out beofre. Nothing i ever did was right and i fell out with my mum for four years. Even now, i am 25 and my brother is 20 and everything she says is my son my son my son. It fells like she doesnt even care about me because she doesnt even bother shouting at me or mentioning me unless i can fix something for her friends. Lately she has got a bit better and i speak to her more and she comes round to mine and my partners house but i will never be able to compete with my little brother