Do deaths really come in multiples?

@smithy86 (137)
March 19, 2007 5:12am CST
My grandfather passed away suddenly three years ago and exactly a week later my father died. It was awful and scary because they were from different sides of my family so i had no members of my entire family that were not greiving. A month later when things started to look up my best friend died at the age of 18, then 4 months after that my 15year old cousin hung himself. Another 3 months later my cousins 2year old baby died. Things finally started to look up when my cousin got married on new years but she ended up dying three weeks later and then finally my nan passed away 9 months ago. So in three years i have lost a whole bunch of my family. Is this normal? I never had a death in my family until my grandad and then it just hit my family like a plague. It feels like a curse, like i will never be able to greive for each of them, or let them go individually
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