Wrestlemania 23, What may happen this time.....

Mr. Kennedy - A forthcoming WWE legend
Saudi Arabia
March 19, 2007 5:37am CST
This is my second post on Wrestlemania 23, i wanna thank all the people who participated in the first one, here i post my thoughts: 1) Undertaker x Batista The Undertaker must win this one if he doesn't grab the title now, when then? the Taker may retire soon and this is his best time for him 2 be a champ for the fifth time, it is fair that he's rewarded for the excellent perfomance throughout the past few years. In my point-of-view, it would be so disappointing if wwe ends the deadman's winning streak at Wrestlemanianow, besides he is much better as a performer compared with Batista. But once again you can never trust Mcman who may play it otherwise. 2) Cena x HBK Cena may appear closer to victory but honestly the HBK has to win this one and believe better post-wrestlemania scenario will be there if Shawn wins. 3) Money in the Bank My candidate is either Mr. Kennedy or Randy Orton. 4) Lashley x Umaga Lashley may win this one and Mcman gets his head shaved. The presence of Stone Cold Steve Austin adds a lot to the match. Supposedly he'll make sure match will go ok 5) Kane x Great Khali I want Kane 2 win this one but i think Khali will walk out victorious, it would be great if it is a no-holds-barred match. 6) Benoit x MVP I have a feeling MVP will win but honestly Benoit is better by all means. 7) Women title Damn guys couldn't they put Victoria there???, look at the amazing performance she shows in the ring but again it is wwe policy If the Undertaker, HBK, Kennedy or Orton and Khali win, this surely brings a much better post-wrestlemania scenario as said either in Raw or Smackdown. Thank you all
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