I feel like I've been run over my a freight train.....

United States
March 19, 2007 7:39am CST
Yesterday I took my kids to the park and my 2 year old daughter was chasing one of those giant bouncy balls. Well, the bouncy ball rolled right behind a 12-13 year old girl that was in FULL swing!!! I dove for her and saved her from being hurt too badly and I took the brunt of the hit while falling with her in my arms. If that swing would of hit my daughter, I would probably be writing this from a hospital room, if not worse. The swing and the girls butt would of hit her right in the back of the head and slammed her face first into the rocks....Thank God I got to her with not a second to spare. My whole right side is messed up. I feel like I've broken my collar bone, my arm, my hip, and my knee!!! I'm bruised and scraped up. I'm SO SO SO SORE!! (The things we have to do for our children...geesh, lol) I'm so thankful that I got to her. She would of been hurt so badly. So, that was my exciting Sunday afternoon with the kids. It will probably take me a couple more Sundays to heal up!! Anything ever happen to you like this? Tell me about your "child saving"!?! Hopefully you didn't get hurt as bad as I did....Thanks in advance for sharing....Have a great day :-)
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@CatEyes (2449)
• United States
20 Mar 07
Ow,,,,sounds like you had a rough day. Good thing you were there to help prevent anything really bad happening. I hope that you heal up fast. Try using arnica gell for the bruises. It helps heal them faster and good for sore mucles and so forth.
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@gabs8513 (48710)
• United Kingdom
19 Mar 07
Wow Steph I am not surprised that you are sore. That would have hurt badly I got hit once by a swing when I was little and I got hit on the Head (that might explain me lol) so I know how sore it is. Like every Mother I have had to save my Kids from things but lucky enough I never got hurt. I hope you will feel better soon and here is a big Hug for you ((((((Hug)))))
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@Perry2007 (2229)
• Philippines
19 Mar 07
Whooww... That must be close. That is why children should not beplaying near the streets. I have not experienced any of the children stuff you mentioned but for my nices and nephews. One time my kid niece about 1 year or a little more, standing playfully in the stairs, I told her to just keep still while i do some errands, just as i turned around, I heard her cry... lol... She is already down falling. So I had to throw what was on my hand to catch her... Good enough, their angels must be taking careof them, She was not hurt. I had to run her to my brother, his father... keep watch of your kid, my heart will get out my chest with them ... gosh...
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