How is dotA doing in you life?

March 19, 2007 7:42am CST
Oh my! DotA has been so fun.. But sadly, there are times that my boyfriend and I fight because of dotA. Not only us, i know.. some couples there. It's funny cause you're not suppose to fight about it but you just don;t know you're doing it! lol.. At first, i dint like dotA.. As I see it, it is very complicated because of the stuff that you have to buy. And you can't buy it right away, you have to earn money then buy the stuff then if you're lucky enough (snap!) you have the most powerful things and they'll have a hard time to kill you! But as a beginner, I was already giving up because of the people that i go up against. They're more like the UNBEATABLE! Pfft! DotA is fun and most of all, it kills your time if you're not really doing anything for like the whole day. When you check your watch before playing.. say: 2pm. Then when you check it again.. 8pm! It's like you forget everything. But the sad part is you spend money and you forget to eat and drink (water is the most important esp. when you're in front of a computer.. it drains you!) Oh well, about a month ago every weekends me and my friends used to play dotA (that's like our gimmick for the night!) We would look for a place where we can all sit next to each other if not we go transfer to another one (weird!) But for me it's a fun learning experience!
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@insomni4k (424)
• Indonesia
23 Mar 07
I wish I had a girl friend that play's dota... wouldnt it be nice???
• Philippines
23 Mar 07
Of course! Its better to play dotA when you have a boyfriend or girlfriend to play with :)
@leon077 (160)
• Indonesia
22 Apr 07
yes, it would be nice, I want one too, pretty chicks come to me..
• Slovenia
28 Apr 07
Who doesn't... I can't even imagine what would that life be.
• United States
23 Dec 10
Well I quit dota so now I feel like there is a void of time and I am trying to figure out what to do with it. Right now I am waiting for dota2 to be released, I can't wait until I can get my hands on it.
• Philippines
20 Mar 07
I've been addicted to Dota lately taht I sometimes forgot my priorities in life. The game is so fun and you'll never be get bored with it taht easily. No wonder many of my friends has been kicked-out to the school because of so many absences. Right now, I am planning to put a specific schedule for playing Dota. I usually play the game just twice a week.
• Philippines
19 Mar 07
When my husband and I play DOTA, we are usually allies so we dont really fight about it.. It is fun and it is one of the things we enjoy doing together.. We usually play at night before we sleep.. And sometimes during the day when he's not at work..