My ex-boyfriends mom called me...

@racheld (840)
United States
March 19, 2007 8:20am CST
I just broke up with my boyfriend after 3 years. We were living together and I kicked him out due to multiple problems we were having. My ex's mom called me and asked me what was going on because her son wasn't saying much. Realizing now that I should have just told her it was between me and him, I started explaining as best I could what was going on. Basically she was putting the blame on me and saying that I'm giving up to easily and all this other crap. Needless to say she didn't know the whole story and she probably never will, but her phone call got me really upset. I just wanted to know what your thoughts are on this? Would you have taken the call?? Would you have told her off?? If you are a mom, would you have called in the first place?? Please share!
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• Philippines
19 Mar 07
I think if you wanna explain to her and make things clear, then you should do it with your boyfriend..Because as a mother, there's a big possibility that she'll be bias and be on her son's side even if she doesn't know the whole story. All the blame will be on you..
@ralf_jay (213)
• Sweden
19 Mar 07
well if the mistake is not with me then ill definetely go and talk to her and make everyhting clear and leave the rest to her.the decision is upto them what to decide and come to a conclusion.