@micfac7 (158)
United States
March 19, 2007 9:32am CST
Has anyone heard of DHC make-up/facial cleansers? I think it's out of Japan, although they have a US based operation. I accidentally got someone else's mail flyer for it and tried the samples and I think it's pretty good. It is quality, so priced along the lines of Lancome, Clinique, etc. If anyone has any experiences,good or bad, I would love to hear about them. Thanks!
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@sushie93 (1359)
• France
22 Feb 10
Yeah, DHC is from Japan, i use their samples too and their products have very good quality but OMG it's so expensive! The whole Sube-Sube which contains 4 products: a soap, a lotion, a bio oil and a hydratting cream, it's almost 100€! u_u I think i will buy it when i'll get rich xD.