Does anybody know the recent activities of Yanni?

March 19, 2007 10:25am CST
I appreciate Yanni's music very much,but I haven't heard of any news about him for quite a long time.I am still waiting for any new inspiration of music from him,just like his another concert.Does anybody can share any news about this musician?thanks
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@balasri (26546)
• India
2 Apr 07
Yanni now - Time sure flies.
Self-taught, Greek pianist Yanni (Yiannis Chrysomallis) checked himself into the Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center in Los Angeles on March 10. At the tail end of his Soaring Souls revival tour, Yanni faceplanted onto a trio of women in their late fifties. When security tried to retrieve him, one of the women, Marie Houston, claimed that Yanni insisted all he wanted was to "Dance With A Stranger." Houston then proceeded to tangle her fingers in his hair and lick his moustache clean of the blood running from his nose.For the full story please go to
• China
2 Apr 07
oh,astonishing.could you please tell me more details,including why he needed to go into the rehabilitation center and so on?
15 Aug 07
i hear Yanni was billed to release his album on the 15th of this i had also like to know what he's gone to do t the centre.
@balasri (26546)
• India
16 Aug 07
Thanks .It is a great news.I am looking forward to it.
• United States
20 Oct 07
Hello to you, Joelxjx. I'm excited to let you know that Yanni has recently added a videoclip to the fanclub section of his offical website at In it he says "I'm back" and we are excited to have him be back! and are expecting exciting things from him in the near future! is a great place to get all the most up to date information on Yanni's activities. Hope to see you there! Dinah
• United States
24 Oct 07
Hello Joelxjx and lifeinthekeyofD. I've seen the clip and the music is fantastic! I can't wait hear more! Visit for all the latest news an updates. Cyndi
• United States
26 Oct 07
First, I would like to respond to the comment by Basari about Yanni being in rehab. If you read to the bottom of the original article, you will find a disclaimer stating that it is part of their Devil's Advocate April Fool edition. It was an April Fool's joke by some college newspaper!! NOW FOR THE REAL NEWS: Yanni has joined forces with the Oscar/Grammy winning producer Ric Wake to create new music and discover extraordinary vocal artists! Yanni and Ric's goal is to collaborate with prodigy singers/songwriters and put them in the most creative environment possible to reach their full potential. The two have settled in to "Camp Yanni" in South Florida, immersing themselves in the studio producing new music...over 80 new compositions to date! Visit and register for Yanni's Fan Club. This is an exciting new direction and you won't want to miss a thing!!! Yanni Street Team Member-Joy
• India
13 May 07
Its very difficult to find out yanni's recent planning ..i am also trying for this for a long time .and also waiting for a new album release from yanni..i suggest to search his official wesite to know his activities
• Thailand
2 Jun 07
I'm waiting for his new work too. I like his songs very much because they lead to many imagination. Many times, I listen to his songs while driving.
@CyndiS (7)
• United States
8 Nov 07
Yannifan, Thanks for exposing that as not true. It is amazing what one bad news report can do and how many people get misinformed.
@Celanith (2334)
• United States
18 Jun 07
He is working on a new album release and there are plans for him to go on tour sometime 2007-2008 but it has not been decided yet when. Go to yanni internet site and fan club.