Which super hero do u like?

March 19, 2007 12:45pm CST
there is alot of superhero in movie and comics, and which one do you like best?
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• United States
19 Mar 07
For me, it has been and always will be Spiderman. Spidey wasn't really anyone special, but the powers he got from the spider that bit him made him into this "hero" when in reality I think the message is that he always had it in him. It really took the powers for him to realize it, but he proves he is a hero because he does the things necessary to help other people. I also love Spidey because he's a normal person, or behaves the most like one. He has inner conflicts during his time in high school as to whether to be popular and tell everyone or keep the duty within. He deals with struggle and loss in life with his uncle and other people around him on almost a daily basis. He runs out of steam and energy and has to rely on his other abilities sometimes. It's an awesome display of the characteristics some of us possess in life.
• India
19 Mar 07
i like spider man only