What has been your biggest discussion?

@smithy86 (137)
March 19, 2007 3:06pm CST
I have been looking through mylot today and there are some discussions that have 129 responses etc.. My highest was 40. Whats yours?
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@sweetlady10 (3611)
• United States
20 Mar 07
I have some discussions with more than 100 responses, but my highest one have got 214 responses till now. Usually my discussions get more than 30 responses. It is not possible to get near 100 responses for every discussion.
@ESKARENA1 (18261)
19 Mar 07
i have been here now for four months now and the maximum responses i have ever had was 73. I usually get about 15, but often much much less. Never have worked out how you put a subject together that draws in the 100 responses, but ill keep trying blessed be
@SpitFire179 (2536)
• Canada
19 Mar 07
My highest was 120, but i also have a 110 and a 100, I think it's all in the way you post it, they need to be lengthly, but not too lengthly, interesting, possibly somewhat funny, things like that. One of them was on my roommates, one of them was on peeing on the phone and another was telling the world about my marriage, all good response getters, to my surprise. There's a lot of discussions that get people's attention, I'd say the best thing to do is look through the most popular ones on a daily basis and get some ideas from there, or find something in your daily life that's absolutely hilarious or that would get people's attention and keep it. Once you do that, and you get a lot of friends that are like you, you should have her made. Good luck
• Singapore
19 Mar 07
I have seen some discussions with 300+ responses and I think they are really cool. There might be other discussions with even more though I haven't come across them yet. For me, my record is 186 responses. Check out http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/869121.aspx if you are interested. ;-)
@mummymo (23706)
19 Mar 07
Think it was about 101 and it was about checking grocery receipts!
• Philippines
19 Mar 07
i dont know, it has something like more than 20 responses.. we should make a quality posts here so we can have lots of responses from people like on what we're doing now! Happy posting and have a nice day ahead!