Website Updated...

@imsilver (1667)
March 19, 2007 3:58pm CST
Well.. once again I've been hard at work changing and rearranging my website. I got a couple of emails from a friend pointing out issues with it and decided to fix them up.. First off.. apparently frames are bad.. LOL.. so i ditched those and made just a plain basic first page... It was getting kind of cluttered with everything I was trying to push at once so I completely revamped it... And to replace the frames I just set every page to open in a new window so that you could always just close it and start again from the main. I also fixed up a couple of the sections and added a ton more information.. I still have a couple more things that are crossing my mind at this moment that I forgot to include.. LOL.. but I'll do those later.. I've missed mylot.. One of the letters pointed out a bunch of broken links and pictures that didn't work.. I'm hoping I've fixed most of them but if you wouldn't mind could you stop by and just try testing out a few for me and letting me know how it goes that would be great... Thanks..
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