drinking water

@cooky28 (739)
March 19, 2007 4:46pm CST
Well mylot friends we all know that there are droughts around the world,and a shortage of water,but what are your thoughts on drinking recyled sewrage.Well for me the thoughtmake me throw up what are your ideas on the subject.
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@happylim (659)
• Malaysia
20 Mar 07
People of my country never think of that coz we are lucky to have a good source of fresh water for drinking. But our neighbouring country are not so lucky, due to shortage of water, their goverment have to buid factory to recycle sewage for their residents. At the begining it sounds funny and people resist and opose it, but after the goverment popularize the recycle water in many ways, the residents now already used to it and drinking recycle water as a ususal practice in their daily life. Actually no one like to take recycle water if they have the choice to drink the natural fresh water unless forced by the circumstances and environment. Wish all of us can drink the clean, fresh and pure water forever.
@jennybianca (12912)
• Australia
20 Mar 07
We have recycled & treated sea water to drink. Now they are talking about treated sewage, with the severe shortage of water we have here. But they haven't given us the in-depth info on how this is to achieved, or how safe it is.
@mitchb (255)
• United States
19 Mar 07
As long as it is treated properly then I do not think I would have too much of a problem with it. Municipal water is already treated and filtered so it would not be much different. Provided it is safe its ok with me.