Which Character From Girlfriends would you be?

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March 19, 2007 6:08pm CST
Keeping your personality,Style everything about you...Which character would you be? Maybe a mix of two.
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10 May 07
I think I have a little bit of Mya in me because Mya keeps it real and she speaks her mind. I think I also have a little Joan in me because she' always the peacemaker of the group(or at least she tries to be)
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17 May 07
thanks for your response
@prenuer (277)
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13 Apr 07
that's an interesting question. i think that i would take the best of each character, even the occasional b**tchiness of monica. lol. i'm sure there are circumstances when it would come in handy.
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16 Apr 07
thanks for you response
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29 Mar 07
I would say Lynn. Artistic soul, free in nature... yeah thats me. I love that show, I just got it on DVD...soo koool. You didnt say who'd you be.
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16 Apr 07
I think I am a mixture of lynn and toni with a bit of joan..lynn because of her free spirit, toni interms of herself awareness ans personal standards and everything else joan.
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@ashmin (175)
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18 Nov 07
I am a cross between Lynn and Joan. I am artistic like Lynn but more down to earth and "sucess" driven as Joan