Mobile users of India face lot of problems! But no dynamic Org. Why?

@irkhan (80)
March 20, 2007 1:47am CST
Actually we don't have any parellel checking system for post-paid/pre-paid mobile users as in this modern day!! Whatever the mobile companies claim, we should shut out mouth and pay it off! And being a pre-paid customer, before and all we used to see on our mobile display our outgoing timings and the successive billing amount immediately on screen. But, now they find out a new way to postpone the displaying of amount in their convenient time, not immediately on the spot! This is a kind of trick, i think to extract more amount from the mobile users, without giving any clue to them!! SUPPOSE WE GO TO A HOTEL REGULARLY AND THE BILL FOR THE CURRENT DAY IS NOT REVEALED ON THE SPOT, BUT DISPLAYED LASTLY BY THE END OF THE MONTH. THEN, CAN WE BE IN A POSITION TO CHECK THE VALIDITY AND NOBILITY OF SUCH BILL? Even though you and I write a note and keep in to our pocket, the judiciary would only support the computerised damn stuff only- is it not? Understood...Pre-paid customers?
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