Psychics Or Psychiatrist?

United States
March 20, 2007 2:44am CST
Do you think psychics are underpaid shrinks (psychiatrists)? Psychics try to (or attempt to) use their intuition when talking to customers over the phone and they have to be problem solvers too. Psychics get paid by the minute but their fees are still cheaper than a shrink's fee. If you go to a shrink, a psychiatrist or psychologist or what have you, all you do is go to their their office and you lay down on a couch in a comfortable setting and spill out your problems for about 1 hour, and all the shrink's job is to listen to you and when they speak, they speak in short phrases like "go on..., uh huh, I'm listening". Or when they try to give advice, they ask you what you think you should do about the situation or their advice is very vague. How do you know the shrink doesn't fall asleep or think about other things when you talk about your problems to them? Then after your session is over, the shrink's reschedule you for another session and/or prescribe medication or refer you to someone to prescribe medication. How is going to a shrink not any more of a scam than talking to the psychic? At least the psychic works harder at problem solving, uses their intuition, and listens to the customer.
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• United States
20 Mar 07
I've never tried a phone psychic, but I've known some people who were quite intuitive. It does seem like they are usually trying to do the same thing. A therapist usually believes they have some sort of special insight into a person, but you never really know that they do. They are just humans who have as many personal biases as anyone else. That's why I've always been wary pf the idea of therapy. I don't want to just talk to another person who will tell me what they think they know about me, but operate on the assumption that they have some sort of moral authority. And, I would even be paying them for it!