Holy hair !

@shogunly (1406)
March 20, 2007 3:05am CST
Did you know that in India selling human hair is a major industry ? Followers of some religion perform a ritual where they shave off ALL their hair ( yes , pretty girls too ) and sacrifice it to their gods ,either asking for the granting of some wish or just out of 'piety ' . Anyway , the humungus amounts of pristine human hair is collected by special companies and shipped to major hair extension industries in Europe where an individual extension might sell for 15 dollars . So the hair those religious people sacrificed out of piety ends up providing many jobs locally and a source of hard currency for the country , although I doubt the hair-sacrificers get any wishes granted for their generosity . So those sacrifices turn out to be blessings for the community in a way , even though one might not believe in the ritual itself , one cannot deny it is kind of holy !
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20 Mar 07
What a strange chain of events! I guess it is a good thing. I just wonder how much is "donated" for the hair to these religions and were the money is respent. I am very scepticle of these types of chains. But if it works and everyone is happy who am i to ask questions and doubt!
@shogunly (1406)
• Libya
20 Mar 07
There is nothing to be skeptical about . Those people have been cutting and throwing their hair away for centuries , I mean they will cut their hair whether someone profits from it or not . The hair industry companies gather the hair from the temples and make hge profits from them , but at the same time they are employing many poor Indian people . What fascinated me was how something alleged to be sacred by the religion believers realistically turned out to be of some material benefit to the community . I mean , whoever started this ritual thousands of years ago couldnt possibly have forseen the possible ludicrous aspects of it , because very fewe people would have been interested in buying hair ! So was the ritual inspired by some god ? I wonder .
• United States
20 Mar 07
I have also heard that Asian hair is big business. Wigs made of it are cheaper than European hair as it is a different texture.
@aissha (2036)
• India
20 Mar 07
right friend since i'm from india so it was interesting to see how others take it and react.hindus do that and it is very important ritual called mundan or shaving off.for children it is must as we believe after that u get good hair. in southern india there is a sacred place called tirupati there even adults take their off .even women do,speicially soth indian woman and for a change after marriage hindu women shud not even trim their hair but now every body is doing ,because widows get their head shaved but now that is also not happening,so these are some 'hairy facts'