Is it not only a dream?---my english love poem

@mzx5188 (520)
March 20, 2007 7:14am CST
Is it not only a dream? A time to Shine,a song to sing As subtle as a breeze As gentle as a falling leave We gonna change it everyday If I can open up your dreams If I may open up your mind Won't it never can be real? You could see ,I may be You will believe,I would trust That we can do something that Noboby else can achieve Miracles all the same Just show you my every way Give what I’ve got From the bottom of my heart Stretching the soul Lift our hands up to the sky The morning calm,the living world shine Needn't make the world believe Is this the moment to be all that we can be? Is it the right time to get you through? Open up your mind,hold out your hand And be all we can be today... I'll take this moment, To be all that i can look to you If it is not only a dream, Will you show me the way we travel on? If so...May we talk about life... Could we talk about trust... Will you tell me that It is not noly a dream?
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