A Mother's Job is Never Done...

@all4ucnc (861)
United States
March 20, 2007 8:48am CST
Are my kids the only one's that have to have mom for EVERYTHING? Last night, I was sick with the flu, I was one sick puppy. My daughter who is 2, was getting ready for bed and was struggling to get her shirt on, so she comes to me... Normally this is fine, but I mind you I had my head in the toilet getting sick, and she actually asking me to stop and help with her shirt, I tried to get her to go see her dad, and she left. Once I was done, I walked out of the bathroom, where she was patiently waiting for me with her shirt still in her hand...and she asks "You feel better mommy?" I nodded and she hands me her shirt to help. My son's the same way, he and my husband can be up watching t.v in the morning, and he'll say nothing, but the moment I get out of the bedroom in the morning he's begging for me to fix him something to eat....If I ever left, I bet he'd starve before he'd ask his dad to fix him something. I keep reminding them that they have two parents, but when it comes down to it, I'm the only one they ask for help. Dad is their wrestling buddy and the fun one....I'm the household maid and nurse, it's nice to be needed, and I know they love me dearly, but sometimes it would be nice if they could go to dad. Do your kids do this?
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• Philippines
20 Mar 07
My four year old daugthers is so clingy to me. She me to do everything for her. She wants that i will be with her everytime she sleeps. When she cries, she always hugs me. Even if i will scold her, she still wants to hug me. I think the heat of a mother is different( i hope you know what i meant about heat). Mother plays a vital role to their kids.