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@mzx5188 (520)
March 20, 2007 8:53am CST
Hallo everybody,I am newer to participate in this club.I want to share my point of view about English learning.I am not a expert in English,But I develop an obsession with it for long time.I once take various English standard test,pass such as CET4,6.BEC vantages and IELTS...My university life was striving to pursue those certificates,When I enter society,I found English is just a tool.different position needs different level.I can use tow examples to let you the English 's function,One of my friend came from a prestigious university own excellent academic background.then get a good job in a multinationals.his English is fabulous,he present salary is around 30,000 per month.He told me English is just a tool to help you catch the better opportunity. another guy is my relatives.he came from a lousy university ,his English is bad,just can read some simple pamphlet.can't talk with others in English,He never give up.get his first job as a worker.learn the pragmatic technicals and get along with his peers.have a strong interpersonal skills,then he can a promotion to be leader in the plant.he never stopping learnning.he spent his leisure time to learn English by himself.step by step.He told me he get a lot of progress.can speak some simple sentences ,..then He can talk with his supervisor from foreign country.He then got a chance to have a training program In European center,His English is not very good.just familiar with some jargon in his field.when he came back.he worked around 2 years ,got promotion again.his qualifications is not good,but his experiences outperformance others in his company.I can tell you his salary is over 30,000 per month.He got a big limousine a luxurious department,he told me ,to learn sth practice is far more important than old theory.if your English is not good.never give up,there are many way to success.evaluate your talents and explore your potential is the key to sucess. cheers
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