6 Years Ago!!!

@mzx5188 (520)
March 20, 2007 9:17am CST
Still such a hot summer 6 years ago, I floack into this strange city with only ignorance and superficialness, who were full of expectation for persuing the knowledge and modern Life. All that have been exhorting me to make great efforts, with which i thought i would be closer to my target step by step. But over-utopian wish is far from reality. 6 years later, I still do not know what i should do and where i should go. I only know never think too much, decisive Actions and strategies will help, Even if run your head against a wall, so what? No matter the result of success or failure, you can learn sth, and summarise the experiences or lessons, adjust your fettle and emotion, just walk straight ahead!
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