Potty Training

United States
March 20, 2007 9:36am CST
My 13 month old son has always been extremly advanced. Now we are at the point that we need to start thinking about potty training. Does anyone have any advice on when to start, or any techniques that worked for them and their children? I want to make sure I do it right, and he is my first and only. Any advice is welcome and appreciated.
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20 Mar 07
I would say that at 13 months he is very young to be potty trained. I have always thought that if they aren't capable of pulling up their own pants, then they are too young. However I know that all kids are different and he may well be ready for it. My daughter is 27 months and I am having real trouble with potty training her. Rewards don't work as an incentive and evne though she loves having pants on instead of a nappy she isn't able to recognise when she needs a wee yet. She knows when she is doing a poo but refuses to take her nappy off and do it on the toilet so I'm not going to push it with her at the moment. With a 13 month old I think you need to sit him on the potty and give him a big clap just for sitting there. Get him used to the potty and being around it and sitting on it etc. before you move into any formal training. If you give him this opportunity often enough it is likely at some point he will do a wee in there. If he does give him a huge reward, lots of claps and smiles and cuddles and make him feel really good about it and then he will learn how to do it.
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20 Mar 07
Very nice. My little one loves to sit on his potty like a big boy, and will sit there as long as you are right there. I know that he is too young, but I would like to develop a game plan for the future.