Smoking causes cancer????

October 17, 2006 2:52pm CST
Does smoking really cause cancer??....
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@Alfie1970 (257)
3 Apr 08
Sorry but there is no definitive proof that smoking causes cancer or any other grim disease. The saying goes if your told a lie long enough you will believe it. The British govt spend £3.6bn a year on the NHS for so called smoking related illnesses but take £10bn in taxes. If I smoke 40 a day I would pay more tax than I would if working a full time job at minimum wage!
@imgcul (110)
• Taiwan
3 Apr 08
yes, smoking will increase the incidence of lung cancer, about 20 times higher than nonsmokers. in addition, smoking will cause chronic bronchitis 100%. you can see many old people with chronic smoking have a chronic cough with sputum.
• United States
17 Oct 06
Yes smoking really causes cancer. It leads to lung cancer! It can also lead to heart disease and emphysema. It is very bad for you. So is second hand smoke