Great Store, but lousy service at your Northridge Fashion Centerstore

July 12, 2006 5:52pm CST
I have been a client of bath and Body works for years. I really like your products. However, when I visited your Nothridge fashion center store (northridge, California), this afternoon, I had to walk out of your store, as the sales ladies there did not seem to have time to serve customers. I requested service from 3 of the ladies there, and each was worse than the other. I wanted to check out you new fragrances in Body lotions, and could not find any reading "try me", so I requested them to please show me where I could find it, and the first one just walked away, stating "it should read - try me", the 2nd one barely bothered to answer and the 3rd pointed to someone else, stating she could help. I work at a bank, and am a professional. this type of service was a total putoff and I would never visit this store of yours. There are other stores, e.g. the one at Potter's Ranch, and the one in Topanga Mall, that I go to, and the service is excellent. I thought, I should let you know, before you have to close down your shop due to such insulting service! My name is Shahenaz M. Patel and I can be reached at (818) 775-8408, if you may like to stand by what I am complaining about. Hope you would look into the matter. Shahenaz M. Patel
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