Dismissal from Worlld Cup for Zidane unfair?

United States
October 17, 2006 3:07pm CST
I think that it was unfair for Zinadine Zidane to be dismissed from the world cup finals for what he did. Materazzi used some extremely foul words on him. I think they should have a rematch. Italy wasnt as good as France....they're a bunch of cheaters
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17 Oct 06
Riiight. So somebody who headbutts someone shouldn't be sent off the pitch for violent conduct? That's not to mention Matterazi should of been sent off for that oh-so-girly flick in retaliation, not because of violent conduct, just because even a girl wouldn't resort to that sort of flick and drama! How about the Rooney's 'unfortunate miss-placed foot'? Oh but he's a brute! Like Zidane has ever been an angel through his entire career! Zidane has resorted to headbutts many times before, has he learnt from it? No. Whatever Matterz said, there is only one person to blame and that's Z. Although Italy were terribly poor through-out the entire World Cup as were most 'top teams' including France. At least Zidane made the World Cup of 2006 memorable, nothing else had.
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29 Dec 06
thanks for the response