CAHSEE FOR Sophromores

@Mecboy (1050)
United States
March 20, 2007 10:10pm CST
Yeah I know, My school took us in a gym, it was so crowded. It looked like we were in a concentration camp! Welcome to Auschwitz. I finished the english-Langugage arts part! tomorrow is math. Liberation! When I finished, I thought was okay. Afterwards. I kept giggling, no body noticed. I had an imaginary Italian Girl that kept kissing (that kept me awake) *cuddle* I kept giggling ,and noone heard me. Some supervisors were saying, cellphones, ipods, soda wrappers and erasers (except on the pencils) or any object not related to the test that is out on the desk is CHEATING to them. yikes, Sounds like a concentration camp. *giggle* *paw* *Meow Meow* (nobody notices) The bell iS SO LOUD it rings every four five minutes or so! COOL SCHOOL! *giggle* *paw*
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