baby's spiky hair leads to passport rejection

March 20, 2007 11:43pm CST
I took my baby for a paasport photo was told daughter's spiky hair would have to be digitally altered for pictures. I thought that the photographic assistant was joking when he pointed to 4 month old eden's three inch locks on the protrait and said "it's just to spiky" but I realised it was not a wind up when he gave my daughter a virtual haircut shortening her hair in digital picture with a computer programme when i was told eden's hair was too long i just couldnt believe it. i kno passport photos have to be of certain size , but this is ridiculous i told them eden's hair was always like that and would look exactly same if they take more photos In the end i m so amazed by what happened I've teling my friends ansd showing them the pictures, they are astonished as me An passport service spokesman said "this is to help security and fight fraud and forgery."he said"we have introduced biometric passports" Should these people be this much strict for my 4 month child?
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