Is it possible to fullfil my dream

March 20, 2007 11:54pm CST
Many people have some wild imagination. I am thinking whether my imagination is wild or partially practical.I dont know 100%.. if you have any suggestion or comments please convey. Our planet earth is revolving 24hours a day continuously years after years from its own axis.The part of world which is now in front of Sun ie. day,the other part(opposite) of world is than without Sun ie. night. at that time. My rare wish is to see the both from outside the planet.If it rains at the same time in two different opposite parts of the world which are exactly oposite to one another,how it looks when I see sitting outside the planet earth. Will the rain drops from the sky upwards against Newton,s law when i see the part of the world which is below my position from outside world? How the rain drops from the earth against the gravitational force when it drops from sky which I could see from outside the planet that rain drops from the sky upwards where in the opposite part of the world rain water drops downwards. Its amazing to watch the view.I know it is a wild wish in my mind to fulfill but will search to see people who experienced this rare view. Have anyone experience this?
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