how would you describe color BLUE to a person who is blind since birth?

March 21, 2007 12:53am CST
in my own experience, i just encountered this question in my final interview with a call center company. This question really puts me in blank. i really don't know how to describe any color to a person who is blind since his/her birth? it was very hard really. It was a hypothetical question. is anyone here can describe color blue to a blind person who is blind since birth? please help me..
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@wenkinnoc (483)
23 Mar 07
it doesnt matter what colour you choose, or if it is for a blind person or a person who can see perfectly fine, the issue remains, it is impossible to describe a colour without using some example.
13 Jul 08
I would show the difference between red and blue (hot and cold) by senses.. id put something hot in hand and say that is red, hot feeling.. Id put something cold in hand, like ice and say that is colour blue.. You can only do by senses, but it is difficult as never seen what a colour looks like.. red we associate with warmth, love, passion, heat, fire Blue we associate with water, icey cold Not going to know what a colour is still or look like but have an idea of the difference between colours
• Philippines
23 Mar 07
blinds do sense, so i think describing colors to a blind person is to compare them through senses. like water to blue, fire/heat to red, snow to white, etc etc.