ice cream, anyone?

March 21, 2007 1:01am CST
its summer again here in my is about to end too. its so hot, i could die when i go out. i dont think i could even take a dip in a pool or swim in a beach. the sun is so maddening hot, you could feel its heat on your skin. it would be risky to expose yourself to too much UV rays. i guess, i could also die from drinking lots of water and juices to quench my thirstand hydrate my body. ideally, one has to gulp 8 glasses of h20 daily, i guess im taking in more than that. at home, the kids, including me, crave for ice cream the past days. whatever flavor it could be, be it chocobased,vanilla,mango, with nuts or mallows, ice cream helps us cool down, at least for some time. we have ice cream frequently i am afraid we would be double in our size and weight when summer is over. we just love ice cream! but not as much as we enjoy it now. and sharing this with your family is a great bonding time too. its like hitting 2 birds w/ 1 stone..hahahah!but really, ice cream gives us simple joys. during summer, rainy season, christmas time when temp is colder, or whatever ocassion and even if there's none at all...nothing beats the pleasure of eating ice cream when shared with your family and friends. ice cream, manila style..anyone?
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