March 21, 2007 2:22am CST
when your down and trouble and you need a helping hand and it seems that nothing is go'n right-FAMILIAR WITH THE LYRICS.i really don't know how to start this thing how i'm go'n to tell you.i don't know how i'm go'n to call this kind of relatonship.okay to make the story short we had a fight and he just left the house for the whole night-tried to call and send SMS but no it natural in a relationship to have a misunderstanding or ups and downs.because for me if we had a fight i want to finish and end it right away.
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• Kuwait
23 Mar 07
you should let yourself to flow the idea and dont be afraid to let come out, it will help you release the presure and mind and will soon be easy to express yourself.but always be polite on expressing your feelings.