do you have trouble getting to sleep?

@lovesu (142)
March 21, 2007 6:23am CST
do you have trouble getting to sleep?and do you have to take some sleeping pills to fall asleep?
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• South Africa
21 Mar 07
I love love love to sleep and, I'm glad to say, I don't have any trouble at all falling asleep. On the nights I do feel more awake than usual, a few pages from a book usually does the trick. MMmmmm, I could sleep forever, and the worst thing of all is having to get up early in the mornings!
@xu530923 (28)
• China
21 Mar 07
To me ,the problem is ,it seems I don't have enough time for sleep.Study is a hard activity.
@jimbomuso (950)
21 Mar 07
I have had pretty bad Insomnia for the last 4 Years now. Usually its because of stress and to much coffee. Having a nice long bath before going to bed helps. I've tried various sleeping tablets and would ONLY recommend them for short term usage (1-2 weeks) otherwise you end becoming dependant on using them to sleep.
@babyreyn (934)
• Philippines
21 Mar 07
I have a big big trouble getting sleep! But I never take any sleeping pills. I cry and cry then my eyes will feel tired then i can sleep. hehehehe...
@ElicBxn (61192)
• United States
21 Mar 07
I used to, now I just have trouble STAYING asleep. Tho today it was the cat throwing up on my bed at 3 that woke me up. A lot of the time I wake up hurting from the fibromyagia.
• Philippines
21 Mar 07
yup a big trouble, I should say. I have been trying hard to sleep early so I won't feel sleepy at work, but I always end up falling asleep at dawn. I don't have much choice but drink more coffee than I should.